Pavement to Parks San Francisco

San Jose/Guerrero Park

Location: San Jose Avenue at Guerrero and 28th Streets

Opened: September 2009

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Location: San Jose Avenue at Guerrero and 28th Streets.

Design: Shift Design Studios

Opening Date: September 14, 2009

The stub of 28th Street was closed for this project. San Jose Avenue, previously a one-way northbound street, was closed at its intersection with Guerrero Street and is now a two-way “cue street,” providing local access to residents along the block. The design of the resulting space was developed by Jane Martin of Shift Design Studio who provided her services free of charge to the City. Raised planters, made of reclaimed logs from Golden Gate Park and featuring native and drought tolerant plants, are placed along the edge of the plaza facing Guerrero Street, creating a comfortable place for relaxation, contemplation, and more active uses. Reclaimed segments of stainless steel ducting are filled with soil and plants in order to further demarcate the plaza space from the adjoining vehicular roadways. The soil used at this site is made in San Francisco by combining landscape clippings from parks and horse manure from the Police Department’s stables. Café tables and chairs are brought out in the morning and taken in at night. Future plans for the plaza include a children’s play structure.

For a conceptual plan of the plaza, please click here.



Major Donor:
California Pacific Medical Center (St. Luke’s Hospital)

Other Donors
Monetary: Safeway, Mitchell’s Ice Cream
Materials: Bamboo Sourcery (bamboo), A to Z Tree Nursery (apple trees), La Hue & Associates (signage), Sunset Concrete (concrete demo)


Monitoring & Evaluation:

The City is closely monitoring the success of the plaza at two months and six months after installation and will decide, based on this evaluation, whether to extend the run of the plaza installation.

Before & After:

San Jose and Guerrero Before

Volunteers help install the landscaping.A close-up of the “red” planter bed.

TOP: The plaza location prior to Pavement to Parks improvements.
ABOVE LEFT: Volunteers help install the landscaping.
ABOVE RIGHT: A close-up of the “red” planter bed.

Images below courtesy Bkuser Flickr

Logs and tall bamboo add color and a boundary to the plaza.Closeup of log plantings.

existing concrete islands were depaved and planted with edible fruit trees.Seating provides a welcomed respite.

Logs form the perimeter of large planter beds.Two existing concrete islands were depaved and planted with edible fruit trees.Closeup of log plantings.Logs and tall bamboo add color and a boundary to the plaza.



Shift Design Studio



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